LIFE (“Low-Income Fare is Easy”) is a fare discount program to reduce the cost of transit for low-income riders. Discounts are applied toward the purchase of weekly and monthly transit passes on Metro and other participating transit agencies in LA County, or toward a 20-ride pass for use on any one of the participating agencies.

Already a LIFE Member?

If you are already enrolled in the LIFE program and want information regarding how to use your LIFE benefits, see the Using Your LIFE Benefits page.

Determine your Eligibility *

You must be 18 years or older and the head of your household to apply. LIFE benefits extend to household members who are listed on your application. You must provide a photo ID for each applicant on your application. Students in your household may receive a better transit benefit by enrolling in Metro's GoPass program.

You can simply self-certify that you meet the LIFE Program income levels:

  • Household size = 1, Annual Income = $44,150 or less
  • Household size = 2, Annual Income = $50,450 or less
  • Household size = 3, Annual Income = $56,750 or less
  • Household size = 4, Annual Income = $63,050 or less
  • Household size = 5, Annual Income = $68,100 or less
  • Household size = 6, Annual Income = $73,150 or less

*  If you receive transportation discounts from city/county schools or employers, or are an Access or U-Pass cardholder, are not eligible to participate in the LIFE Program.

You may now apply online. For more information, visit Metro's LIFE web page. If you have questions, please contact the LIFE team at or (213) 922-2378.

Please do not apply if you are already a member.