Fare Capping on Metro


Starting July 1: Metro customers will now participate in fare capping and load Stored Value to pay per ride. This has replaced all Metro passes and simplifies how customers pay their fare on bus and rail. It’s easy to use, equitable and sustainable. These changes will make it easier for everyone who pays with TAP and rides on Metro to earn free rides.

With fare capping, Metro riders will never pay more than $5 in a day or $18 within seven days. Once you reach the 1-Day or 7-Day fare cap, rides are FREE! Frequent riders will benefit the most. Fare capping for Reduced Fare customers is even less. Plus, the start of the 7-Day is flexible to fit your schedule, and it begins the first time you tap on a Metro bus or train. Your next 7-day period will not begin until you tap again after the end of your previous 7-Day cap. Find out more about additional fare changes on Metro here.

How Fare Capping Works

To take advantage of fare capping on Metro, customers will need to pay their fare with a TAP card. If you currently ride on Metro and pay with cash, switch to a TAP card to earn free rides.

  • Load Stored Value (money) on a TAP card to pay per ride. (Metro base fare for buses and trains remains $1.75, and includes two hours of free one-way transfers on Metro with each paid ride.)
  • When you tap on the bus fareboxes or TAP validators at rail stations, the display will show how much Stored Value (money) is being deducted or if the ride is free.
  • Once you reach your 1-Day or 7-Day cap, your rides are FREE!
  • All Metro riders with a TAP card can participate in fare capping.
  • If you already have a TAP card, you can keep using it and your fares will be capped starting on July 1.
  • Remember: Fare capping is only available on Metro. Any paid rides on other TAP transit systems will not count towards your fare cap.

Check Your Fare Capping Status