TAP is a program that allows you to ride seamlessly across Los Angeles County.

A TAP card is a durable plastic card with a smart chip designed to make your transit experience simple and secure. Load your TAP card electronically with regional and local transit passes, Stored Value (cash amount) or transfers. Then tap your card on the TAP target each time you board a bus or train and the farebox, validator or turnstile will deduct the correct fare.

It's easy. Simply tap your card on the TAP target of the bus farebox/validator or station turnstile/validator. The validator will “beep” and display a confirmation that your card is valid. You are now free to board the bus or train.

Stored Value is a cash amount that you load on your TAP card to pay for single rides, transfers and agency passes. Stored Value is great for travel across multiple transit agencies. The maximum amount of Stored Value you can load on your card is $300.

If your TAP card is lost or stolen, Balance Protection allows you to replace the card and its remaining balance. There is a $5 administrative fee when you request a replacement card.

If you purchased your TAP card online at taptogo.net or by phone, or if you have a Reduced Fare TAP card, your card is automatically enrolled in the  Balance Protection Program. To sign up for balance protection, register your card on taptogo.net or by calling 866-TAPTOGO (866-827-8646).

Providing a managed TAP card for your employees is a great benefit. It makes home-to-work transit easy and affordable. And your employees will appreciate traffic-less travel. Read more about the Employer TAP Program. Call 866-TAPTOGO (866-827-8646) or email ab@taptogo.net for more information or to set up a corporate TAP account for your employees.

Seniors* are eligible to receive a Reduced Fare TAP card. To qualify, you must submit a Reduced Fare Application. Please read the instructions carefully and gather all supporting documentation before you begin the application process. You may expect to receive your Reduced Fare TAP card in approximately 6 weeks.

If you currently have a Reduced Fare TAP card that will expire in the next 90 days, you may re-apply online at taptogo.net. Gather all supporting documentation before you begin the application process.

* The qualifying age of a Senior may vary with each regional transit agency.