TAP Tips

Now more than ever, TAP is the safest and most convenient way to travel on 26 transit systems across LA County. Read the tips below to learn how TAP can make your travel experience safer and more convenient.

Tip 1

Practice social distancing: Avoid unnecessary contact with others and buy your fare online. Sign in or create a TAP account to get started.

Tip 2

Your TAP card is contactless: Hold your card near the TAP target and wait for the beep.

Tip 3

Registered TAP cards are balance protected: Restore the balance of your lost or stolen card by calling TAP Customer Service at 866-827-8646.

Tip 4

Metro Bike Share is on TAP: Use your TAP card to unlock a bike at stations located throughout LA County. Create a TAP account to purchase your Metro Bike Share monthly and yearly passes.

Tip 5

Transfer seamlessly between transit systems: Add Stored Value to your TAP card to automatically pay for your transfer from one transit system to another at the lowest fare.

Tip 6

Get the latest TAP updates: Opt-in to receive email or text message notifications about discounts, promotions and special offers. Set your preferences in your account Profile.

Tip 7

Reload your TAP card automatically: Set up autoload on your TAP card by calling (866) 827-8646.

Tip 8

Is your TAP card about to expire? Transfer your existing fare onto a new TAP card by calling (866) 827-8646. Be sure to tap your new card within 25 days to complete the fare transfer.

You'll find more helpful information on our FAQs page.