Torrance Transit Offers Premium Subscription Service, Royale


Torrance Transit is enhancing the experience of our passengers by upgrading all travelers to our premium subscription service, Royale. Royale is conveniently located on the Torrance Transit official mobile app. Since 2016, our commuters have been utilizing the Transit App to coordinate and track all of their daily trips in real-time to receive any service alerts necessary. Currently, all passengers will be upgraded to the Royale subscription, without no cost to them. The subscription will allow them to unlock additional app features, special Torrance Transit branding, new customization options, and obtain complete access to Transit information across more than 300 cities supported worldwide. The subscription Royale, allows passengers to obtain access to power features such as customized themes and personalized emoji avatars that allow commuters to become recognized on their local bus line. Additionally, the upgrade will provide leaderboards for users competing to help the frequent commuters with GO crowdsourcing. The update will allow passengers the special ability to switch the app icon and theme to match Torrance Transit’s branding. Frequent commuters will have the ability to use icons to mark their favorite places on the map. Ultimately, offering passengers a world-class mobile app experience that is comprehensive and locally-branded. With the subscription Royale, Torrance Transit is strengthening their partnership with Transit in order to provide a free of advertising, top rated mobility app.