More For You at 62! AVTA Reduced Fare Age for Seniors Drops to 62


New Policy Begins January 1, 2018

Beginning January 1st, 2018, the Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) will reduce the qualifying age for reduced (half-price) bus fares to 62. Residents of Palmdale and Lancaster who are 62 or older will now also be eligible for the Antelope Valley Transit Authority’s Senior Annual Pass Program. The new qualifying age will allow seniors to access the special pass three years sooner than the current qualifying age of 65.

The Annual Senior Pass Program provides a free 12-month bus pass. To obtain the pass, eligible seniors must have a valid reduced-fare TAP card, and must bring current proof of residency and age to AVTA's office in Lancaster.

AVTA continues to build on their commitment to increased value for senior riders. At this year’s High Desert Medical Group Senior Expo, held at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds, AVTA provided free transportation to all seniors on their 60’ articulated electric bus. They have also recently conducted new training and outreach activities for seniors with the purpose of reducing mobility barriers.

“With AVTA’s recent service expansions providing greater access to healthcare, educational, and community services, the lower qualifying age will not only help our senior riders save money, but ensure that more seniors have improved quality of life in the Antelope Valley," said AVTA Board Chairman Marvin Crist.

In addition to helping seniors save money and stay active, the reduced qualifying age will have positive environmental impacts by incentivizing more riders to utilize public transit.

“As we push to meet our goal of becoming 100% green in 2018, we will take every opportunity to attract new riders, maximizing the full benefits of our safe, efficient, clean, environmentally sustainable fleet. For each senior who takes advantage of our free program, there is potentially one less car on the road”, said AVTA CEO Len Engel.