City of Montebello FY19-20 Transportation Department Budget

Department Description

Montebello Bus Lines encompass three divisions: Operations, Administration and Maintenance. All work together to meet one mission:

“To provide superior transportation services to Montebello and surrounding communities."

The Transportation Department is responsible for managing the City’s transit services known as Montebello Bus Lines. The department also oversees the Dial-A-Taxi contract and the Metrolink shuttle service known as the Montebello Link. Despite tough economic times, the department was successful in maintaining its quality of service and serving over 5.6 million riders in the communities of Alhambra, Bell Gardens, Commerce, East Los Angeles, La Mirada, Los Angeles, Montebello, Monterey Park, Pico Rivera, San Marino, South Gate, Rosemead, and Whittier.

The department also oversees several transportation funded properties: the Transportation Facility, the Montebello/Commerce Metrolink Station, the Pico Rivera Terminal, and four other small properties adjacent to the Transportation Facility.

The Transportation Department is funded through various grants that include TDA, STA, Prop A, Prop C, Measure R, Measure M, and Senate Bill 1. Transportation Department does not use any general funds and is considered an Enterprise fund.

Review of FY18-19

  • Provided transportation services to over 5.6 million riders in 2.5 million revenue miles and 230,000 revenue hours.
  • The purchase of five CNG buses that will complete the replacement project of all diesel buses that have reached their useful life.
  • Completed newly constructed bus wash facility.
  • Upgraded the bus rooftop HVAC units to improve service quality and riders’ comfort in summer season.
  • Maintained stable cost and quality of fuel supply for transit and city usage in long-term contract agreement.
  • Completed Phase I, citywide bus stop improvement project.
  • Awarded a contract for various other services needed to operate the transit system effectively.

Objectives for FY19-20

  • Convert three CNG buses into Electric powered buses to improve air quality.
  • Purchase of 16 BRT CNG powered buses to replace buses that have reached their useful life.
  • Construct a new Server Room to house a larger and better server to process UFS data.
  • Move on Phase II project of bus surveilling system to improve transit security and drive quality.
  • Projects to rehabilitate Transit buildings and remote transportation facilities.
  • Utilizing new Avail/FleetNet scheduling software to enhance service scheduling and planning tasks.
  • Purchase new Shop CNG Service Truck to replace outdated and high-maintenance service truck.
  • Complete midlife bus upgrades that include re-paint and updated MBL decal appearance on entire bus fleet.