Payment Options

Your TAP account supports many payment options. Add credit/debit cards for an easy checkout experience. No card? Pay with account cash or with an electronic payment service.

Credit/Debit Cards

  Add Credit/Debit Card

Account Cash $*

  Add cash to your account   

* Account cash is not necessary to make a purchase.

Electronic Payments

Pay with Paypal when you check out.   

Payment FAQs

What is account cash?
Account cash is a payment option for customers who do not have a credit/debit card or who prefer to pay with cash.
What's the difference between account cash and Stored Value on my TAP card?
Account cash is not on your TAP card - it's in your TAP account. Use account cash to pay when you add Stored Value (or other fare types) to your TAP card.

Stored Value is a cash amount that is loaded directly to your TAP card. Add Stored Value to your selected TAP card on the My TAP Cards page.
Can I add fare to my TAP card automatically?
You can set up authorized payments with a credit card which will automatically load a pass or Stored Value to your TAP card. Call TAP Customer Service 866-TAPTOGO (866-827-8646) and request to set up autoloads to your TAP card.
Are my transactions secure?
Our payment system meets the highest security standards. It validates your payment to protect you against fraud. When you save your credit/debit cards to your TAP account, the card numbers are not stored — they are tokenized with the highest level of encryption.