Metro Bike Share 

Metro Bike Share riders

Metro Bike Share is a fast, fun and affordable public transportation option. Over 150 stations and 1,500 bikes are available in Downtown and Central LA, and North Hollywood. Find information about Metro Bike Share on the Westside.

How It Works

1. Sign up. You must be at least 16 years old and have a TAP account with an associated credit card. If you already have a TAP card, sign in and register the card to your TAP account. Or you can purchase one when you enroll for Metro Bike Share.

2. Check out a bike. Use your TAP card to release a bike or download the Metro Bike Share app to access mobile check-out. Find available bikes/docks in real time with the station map or Metro Bike Share app.

3. Start riding! Don’t forget your helmet. Never leave your bike unattended and always return your bike to a Metro Bike Share station or designated docking area. To avoid replacement fees, please return the bike undamaged within the allowed check-out time.

Discount Passes

Members of Metro's LIFE and Reduced Fares programs* receive a discount when purchasing a Metro Bike Share pass. The discount price is applied when you check out.

  • 30-Day pass discount price = $5.00
  • 365-Day pass discount price = $50.00

* To qualify for these programs, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Household size and annual income meets the LIFE program requirement
  • Senior (62 years and older)
  • Person with Disability
  • College/Vocational Student
  • K-12 Student (16 years and older)

Bike Share for Business

Employers can offer a fun and affordable transportation benefit for their employees at a discounted price. More about Bike Share for Business.


All passes include 30-minute rides for the pass term. Bikes that are checked out for longer than 30 minutes will result in additional charges or convenience fees (e.g. $1.75 per additional 30 minutes).

30-Day Pass
$17.00 *

Your pass begins on the date of purchase and expires after 30 days.

365-Day Pass
$150.00 *

Your pass begins on the date of purchase and expires one year from that date.

* Discount price for qualified LIFE and Reduced Fares program members ($5.00 for 30-Day pass; $50.00 for 365-Day pass) is applied when you check out.

Electric Metro Bike Unlocking Fees:
Unlocking fees for the Electric Metro Bike are waived for 30-Day, 365-Day and Reduced Fare passholders.