What is TAP Plus?

TAP Plus is a proposal that will go to the Board for consideration on June 27, 2024. It includes a host of upgrades that will modernize the fare payment system with more ways to pay and new time-saving features.

Here's what's included:

  • Customers will be able to pay fares with a credit or debit card, just like a TAP card on any of 27 transit agencies, while still benefiting from the following TAP features:
    • Access to discounts, including senior, LIFE and GoPass
    • Participate in fare capping (Metro only)
    • Receive two hours of free transfers (Metro only)
    • Pay for transfers between TAP agencies

Other features include:

  • Set up automatic loads of Stored Value or a pass (including LIFE discounted fares) on a recurring basis
  • Easily transfer fare between cards on taptogo.net
  • Purchase event tickets that include a transit

What are your Thoughts About TAP Plus?