TAP Wallet Overview

TAP Wallet is a container for your payment methods. It holds your credit/debit cards and cash to use for TAP purchases. View your TAP Wallet.

Cash Payment Option Available

If you don't have a credit/debit card, simply add cash funds to your TAP Wallet. Follow these steps:

  1. View your TAP Wallet. Under Cash Balance, click Add Cash to your TAP Wallet to initiate a request for a payment barcode. Step through the Pay Near Me process:
    • Select a retail location to make your payment.
    • Choose whether to print or display your barcode on your phone. Send the barcode request.
    • Take your barcode and your cash to the retail location. The clerk will accept your cash, scan your barcode and complete your payment.
  2. Confirm the funds were added to your TAP Wallet. You may need to refresh the web page.
  3. Go to My TAP cards and add fare to your TAP card. When you check out, your TAP Wallet cash will be applied to your purchase.

TAP Wallet vs. TAP Card

Adding cash to your TAP Wallet does not directly add the cash to your TAP Card. The cash in your TAP Wallet can then be used to pay for fare products you add to your TAP card.

Your credit/debit card in your TAP Wallet is available when you buy fare products and checkout. Your TAP Wallet does not automatically transfer funds to your TAP card and charge the credit/debit card.

Pay with Confidence

Our payment system meets the highest security standards. It validates your payment to protect you against fraud. When you save your credit/debit cards to your TAP Wallet, the card numbers are not stored — they are tokenized with the highest level of encryption.