K-12 Student Fareless Pass Program

Participating schools can offer K-12 Fareless TAP cards to students to ride Metro and other transit systems. A no cost Student Fareless Pass can be loaded on the student’s TAP card that allows unlimited rides on Metro buses and trains and select municipal transit systems.

Register your Student TAP Card

TAP cards are distributed at your participating school. If you received a TAP card from a school administrator, register it to confirm your eligibility in the K-12 Student Fareless Pass program.

Register your TAP Card

Replace a Lost TAP Card

If you are a student participating in the program and you lost your TAP card, you must get a replacement card from an administrator at your school. Then you must register your replacement card.

Program Administrators

If you are a program administrator who manages TAP card orders or distribution for a district or charter school, enter your credentials and sign in.

Account Inquiries

If you would like to establish an account for your school district or charter school, contact Metro's Fareless Program at fareless@metro.net.