All-Door Boarding Pilot Program on Silver Line Begins June 26

silver line all door boarding pilot

Attentive readers may recall that Metro tested all-door boarding last summer on the 720 Rapid Bus on Wilshire Boulevard. The pilot program went well: overall, boarding was quicker and Metro was able to collect a lot of data to help figure out where all-door boarding may work best.

As a result, Metro is going to begin testing all-door boarding on the Silver Line beginning Sunday, June 26. For riders, it’s pretty simple — if you have a TAP card already loaded with the proper fare, board at either the front or rear door and tap your card on the validator (we have added one to the rear door area). If you have a TAP card and need to purchase fare, get a transfer or you’re a wheelchair user, use the front door.

Why test all door boarding on the Silver Line? Operationally, it is easier to determine efficiencies and cost savings on a “special” line — i.e. a line that basically operates separate from the others, as the Silver Line does (much of its route is in the ExpressLanes on the 10 and 110 freeways).

One other note: Metrolink ticket holders must board through the front door in order to pay the 75-cent upcharge. Don’t try to pay the upcharge with Stored Value at the rear door, you’ll be charged $2.50 — more than you need to pay.